Snapcraze – A blogging-good introduction

So you’ve heard the name, you’ve seen the awesome reviews on Pricecheck and your swanky neighbour initiated a chit-chat this morning just to tell you about the new Note 9 he bought from ‘Snapcraze‘ at a bargain price-tag; which made you green with envy and bellow with excitement all at the same time! So who exactly is Snapcraze and how can I get those crazy bargains that these annoyingly lucky buggers are always yabbering about?

Firstly, congrats on finding your way here – it’s clear you don’t need any help in this technology-savvy orb. However; with online shopping in South Africa merely peaking its head above the surface of the water your’e probably taking a prudent approach and treading lightly. To ease your mind, we at Snapcraze have taken the time to provide you with all the information you require to get you just as crazy about what we do as we are – we would like to let you know what we do, how we do it and equip you with all the insight you need to choose the best device for you and help you become apart of our awesome Snapcraze family!

We supply mobile devices to the private and business sector at the best possible rates! We are keen in our mission to make online shopping for Electronics an affordable and reliable experience. We have been asked countless times if we are indeed real and to this we always reply we most certainly are – not only do we have our online store but a head office in Durban too! We are a trusted store on Pricecheck and a Takealot vendor.

You can browse our store and interact with us from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever your long-awaited vacay takes you!

We provide an online shopping experience that far surpasses that of the conventional type by providing you with features on our site such as a Live chat which can be used by us and you to guide you throughout your shopping experience as well as new features to come which will make your crazy researching process before purchasing your newest handheld-buddy a one-click breeze! Of course we are also contactable via telephone and e-mail if you have any questions or simply want to chit-chat.

So this is us and we are excited to get to know you as we bring our crazy deals to you at the snap of your fingers!

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