Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Features : AI is here

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Unless you’ve been on an internet cleanse or stuck in the desert for a week – chances are you can attest to the buzz about the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and its role in leading the smartphone metamorphose into the AI era, naturally.

Unveiled on the 17th January at the Samsung’s annual Unpacked event, we are excited to announce that orders for the much-anticipated S24 Ultra priced at R32499 are now open and as is customary for since our inception in 2016, boy are our prices unbeatable – at R5000 cheaper than recommended retail – you may as well skip the January frugality and spoil yourself!

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Titanium Strength

Now available in a premium Titanium frame, colours of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are Titanium Black, Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet and Titanium Yellow

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Popularly used in the military, aerospace, automobile, marine and aircraft industries – Titanium is bulletproof, twice as strong as aluminium used in previous model S23 Ultra and is resistant to corrosion and heat all while being lightweight 

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Despite the additional features, larger battery and new components under the hood, weight is marginally lighter at (233g compared to its predecessor at 234g) 

IP68 dust and water resistance is a standard on a flagship device such as these – so no need to avoid water and dust like the purge – this flagship is the perfect companion to embrace adventure this year!

Beauty and Beast

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a new Corning Gorilla Armour screen panel, together with 42% slimmer bezels. Here you’ve got a brighter display at 2600 nits, 120Hz refresh rate on a stunning 6.8 inch OLED Screen! Everything you see – including your images taken on the devices itself will benefit from a brighter, clearer display.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Oftentimes we have clients who are a bit confused about which model to choose as they often reference monstrous Megapixels from a cheaper smartphone manufacturer – however there is more to picture quality than Megapixels which we will touch on later, the bigger question is what is the screen display quality of the device with the 500-gazillion MP camera – and what use is it if you’re viewing it on a Sony TV-110-VZ Black and white display from the 70’s? 750 nits just wont cut it my dear, don’t get duped…

Curves Out, Slick In!

The overall shape has graduated from a curvier to a boxier design as Samsung moves away from the curved edge screens to a flatter, more contemporary screen – making those clicks at the edge of the screen much more seamless and responsive compared to its predecessor where your thumb dangles over the edge as you try to “catch” the target with a series of ninja-like finger manoeuvres.

Don’t get me wrong, the curved edges were a beauty – for design, but practically missed the mark – it muffled content on the sides and required razor focus and multiple attempts at times to highlight or select icons on a website! Personally I believe its a design element that should have been scrapped a short while after its appearance on the Note 3 in 2013! On the S24 Ultra, this issue is a thing of the past!

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Under the Hood

Powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chip and 12GB RAM, this is without a doubt the pinnacle of power and speed from all of Samsung’s offering and with power like that – you need to keep it cool so Samsung has added a Vapor chamber twice the size of the S23 Ultra; keeping the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra ‘s temperature down and averting any opportunity for overheating hiccups that powerhouse smartphones are sometimes prone to.

The other life-saving benefit of a larger vapour chamber managing your S24 Ultra’s thermals, is that you get to opt for the larger charging adapters such as the 45W or 65W Super Fast Chargers which will load you up and send you on your way in a Snap!

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

It Keeps Going!

Now with the largest battery ever on a Samsung device; the S24 Ultra packs an eye-watering 5000 mAh battery so you can watch videos up to 30 hours and listen to music up to 95 hours.

Click Click, take a pic

The Camera set up is as follows: a healthy 200MP Main lens, 12 MP Ultra-Wide, 50MP Telephoto. 5x optical zoom is available; which uses pixel-binning with the help of AI to achieve “10x optical quality” zoom that aids in producing sharper quality zoom alongside the beastly 100x Space Zoom. So now you can bird-watch a majestic raptor from a safe distance or spy out the UFOs lingering at night – when you’re in their destination of choice – America of course…

AI – Legit Intelligence!

Zoom is not the only benefactor of AI, but the entire Samsung Galaxy S24 series champions the full support of machine learning features with tasks like editing photos and creating slow-mode video footage with AI 

The addition of the stylus or S-pen, which comes standard with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra; makes tapping into AI editing by selecting and editing or moving objects magic all in few simple clicks! Revolutionary really.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra
Edit, Recompose, Generate elements with AI editing
samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Recompose, Move, Generate Elements

Beyond simply moving objects in your pictures, you can resize, delete, edit, recompose and if your picture is lacking in detail you can even tap the ‘Generate’ icon which allows AI to fill in missing elements 

The Galaxy S24 Ultra can detect reflections and shadows which means no more bloomers-gone-rogue conspicuously venturing into your perfect shots. No need for complex fixes – all you do is click info, an array of suggested edits are displayed and viola – what was a bog-standard photograph is now transformed into a masterpiece fit for a professional or the walls of a very judgemental social media audience. Photoshop who!?

Slo-Mo Edit: Life in full bloom

A Slow-Mo edit of ANY video footage, shot by your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or not – can now be transformed into slow-motion by a simple 3-step process: Play video, touch and hold which prompts the device to scan the footage, multiplies the frames per second by 4 and AI creates additional frames in real time on your device for easy access!

Multilingualism: Saving The Embarrassment

Learning a new language is listed as a personal goal of countless earth-dwellers, and yet; how many of us actually get down to it?

Well, what if I told you that you’d have the superpower of multilingualism the moment you unboxed your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – no pesky classes necessary? Sounds crazy, but hear me out… 

Powered by AI, the new Live-translation feature allows you to activate translation during calls at the touch of a button to recognise your speech and translate it to the language of the person you’re speaking to and in return it translates your responses to the caller on the other side in their own language! Language barriers and Google translate are now a thing of the past! Business and overseas travel arrangements are now a breeze! Just like that, You’re international, papi! 

Galaxy S24 Ultra Live Translate

Proofreading, Summarisation & Tone-Correction: AyayAI it’s good!

Written speech can also be kicked up a notch with AI via In-text Translation where AI can now proofread, summarise and even tone-correct your text. Your S24 AI buddy is a truly dependable 

With Summarisation you can now direct the device to a website, file or note and it will condense the content into a fundamental bullet points 

Tone-correction aids with typos and rephrasing of sentences to translate them into a more graceful, positive tone so you’re never misunderstood. ‘Think before you ink’ is now a team-effort with you and your handy AI buddy! The 24 Ultra is now a filter for those who have #nofilter

samsung galaxy s24 ultra


You’ve head about Google Image search but for 2024 that just won’t do, S24 AI now brings you ‘Circle-to-search’ – which with the help of Google it now allows you to search by highlighting images AND text which allows Google Lens and traditional keyword search to join forces – drastically decreasing your look up/ research time by narrowing down your intended results

samsung galaxy s24 ultra
Circle an element with your S-Pen
samsung galaxy s24 ultra
Results pop up based on the element circled in image, you can also add keywords to your search for a more refined results

Increased lifespan – 7 years of regular OS & security updates

The biggest commitment ever from a leading Smartphone manufacturer, previous models offered up to 5 years of security and 4 years of OS updates. This is great news for users, as not only will this benefit allow you to keep your S24 Ultra for longer without any deterioration in speed and security but will also retain the value and demand for an S24 resale when you decide to part ways

samsung s24 ultra

100% Class

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samsung galaxy s24 ultra

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mate rs banner 3



It was 1987 and Huawei had just been founded; focusing its engineering mastery on manufacturing phone switches of all things it later entered the smartphone market in full bloom. The brand was met with skepticism as Samsung and Apple’s long time rivalry was at its peak _ and to our amazement we witnessed Huawei grow in leaps in bounds in less than half a decade and eventually claim Apple’s coveted number 2 spot as the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer this year! Way to go, Huawei!

Now there are many reasons Huawei has taken the smartphone orb by storm but we reckon their collaborations with the likes of Leica and other awesome brands has had hand in carrying them to the top! The Leica and Huawei collaboration has taken the world’s selfie craze to a whole new level from 2016 to date. Its focus is on crafting the best lenses, sensors, ISP and tuning for the most beautiful photography experience. But their newest collab has luxury car enthusiasts hot under the collar – what do you get when you inject Porsche DNA into a Smartphone? Drum roll please…

Get craze-ee for the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS!!!

mate rs banner 2

We’re talking design and performance that exudes luxury, speed and groundbreaking technology! Whether you think those adjectives best describe your preferences or not, we guarantee you’re gonna go craze-ee for the power and exclusivity of the Mate RS. This is the specs on Huawei’s Mate RS – a device for the deluxe.


From first glimpse you can’t help but be intrigued by the streamline curves and regal hues of grey, black and vibrant red. Its 8 smooth curves and 6 symmetrical surfaces truly inspired by the Porsche RS that dominates the racetrack, produces a graceful sway of light and shade that excites! It boasts a 6 inch display and AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that is pretty as picture – a picture with 16M colours that is! The Mate RS is available in Black and Red. Sophisticated craftsmanship has resulted in a beautiful double-sided glass body that reimagines the elegance of a Porsche RS. Built with a customised UI, it is breathtaking for both internal and external design.

mate rs


Inspired once again by the pursuit of maximum dynamics and precision of a Porsche RS car, the Mate RS – driven by the Kirin 970 AI processor – takes high performance to the next level! Breakthroughs in mobile AI allow the EMUI system to evolve and learn to better understand your needs and respond faster to every task! Offering 256GB and 512GB storage, and 6GB RAM under its hood; fueling this speed and performance is a 4000 mAh battery and Safety Certified Huawei SuperCharge with intelligent power saving. A quick wireless charge design that is whisper-quiet and fan-less keeps you cool under pressure and in the race for the long-haul!


Smartphone manufacturers have perfected the rear fingerprint scanner and have researched and promised in-screen fingerprint technology for what feels like decades now!
So imagine our excitement when we discovered the Mate RS is the first device to unleash this revolution in unlocking! Floating your finger wakes up the device and touching to unlock the smartphone is as fast as lightning!

But it doesn’t stop there; the Huawei still sports the familiar rear-fingerprint scanner – adding another ‘first’ to Huawei’s tablestand is its dual-fingerprint authentification!

mate rs 4


The camera on a device is more often than not the ultimate deciding factor for most smartphone buyers and if the rest of the features we just mentioned went over your head we bet this one will get you amped and running for that buy button! The Huawei Mate RS features a Leica Triple Camera with an innovating 40 Megapixel camera lense that captures more details! You heard me – a whopping 40 megapixels! The 5x Hybrid Zoom supports clear viewing at long distances; and the breathtaking Huawei AIS technology is br-ill-iant in low light! A huge distinguishing factor when determining camera quality these days! If it shoots awesome in low-light its awesome full stop. This camera is truly a thing of beauty!



With all these additions and groundbreaking leaps in smartphone design of course the Mate RS comes standard with water and dust resistance and a front camera of 24 Megapixels for ultra-sexy selfies!


Unboxing the Huawei Mate RS is truly a delight – with so many goodies inside it gives us a glimpse of what taking delivery of a Porsche RS might feel like! We’re talking 2 chargers – UK and EU – because you need one for home and one for your international ventures, darr-ling! A Porsche branded flip cover – in leather no less! A Porsche design premium stereo headset, a 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter and wait for it… an authentication card! Because the Mate RS is exclusive like that.

mate rs box

So that is the Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS – Huawei’s best, amplified! And if this ain’t luxury, power, speed and innovation smartphone-ified then we don’t know what is!
This is for the biggest of the big chops! The device that turns heads and welcomes you into a smartphone market of exclusivity of luxury! You probably haven’t seen it and will be lucky to see it twice in this lifetime! THIS is Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS for YOU!

So get Snappy and make our craze-ee Mate RS deal yours!

Meet the new SUPER powerful Note

The terms ‘powerful, ‘cutting edge and ‘versatility have been used so excessively in the world of technology that they no longer portray their true essence.
Because of this we find ourselves eye rolling our way through advertisements and marketing pitches but let me tell you, these adjectives we believe are befitting of the Note 9 which was officially released on 22 August 2018.
Its so awesome that we’ve taken our time to put together a more comprehensive look into how powerful the latest flagship from Samsung truly is. Forget about those lengthy spec articles that make technology seem so detached from your reality, here is a practical account of the power that’s packed into this handheld beast!
You would’ve experienced the ad on TV by now if you’re living on planet earth – and we call it an experience because that tune in the background unleashes endorphins in your body like no other. You can’t help but sing along – I reckon Samsung made a stand-out ad that is as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, now that’s advertising!
Kudos to them!
Alright let’s get into it!


Performance, Performance, Performance… what is a device if not its performance!


The Galaxy Note 9 is the epitome of performance with its cutting edge Octa-core processor thats pushes boundaries and water carbon cooling that ensures that performance doesn’t come at a price – I’m talking gaming and media performance that doesn’t have to turn your phone into an over-heating buzzkill. And let’s talk battery – this device packs the biggest battery in the Smartphone world than any other. It’s marketed as an All-day battery for a reason. At 4000 mAh Samsung has been all the wiser with its 8 point safety check to  put consumers at ease with no possibility of the…ahem… Note 7 repeat. I know – we don’t wanna taco about it too!


Now we can’t talk about a Note without mention of that fun-filled S-pen!

  • Ocean Blue Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode seen from the left with yellow S Pen writing in yellow ink colour
I must say, the colour contrast of that bright yellow S-pen with that rich ocean blue exterior on the device itself is reminiscent of a ready-for-action sports car. But, thankfully – its not just a pretty face.
The S-pen now comes standard with Bluetooth technology that allows you to use it in the office to command presentations which means no more speed walking to get to your PC for the next slide and makes you look effortlessly cool too haha.

Additionally Note 9 has something called Dex which with a simple cable transforms your device into a PC – taking productivity to a whole new level.

Image of person changing presentation slides with S Pen

This bluetooth technology in the S-pen also enables users to take pictures remotely with just the click of the S-pen – no more tripping over things to get into the shot in 5 seconds!


With 2 lenses that adapt like the human eye the Note 9 will have you sitting pretty with its powerful AI that recognises scenes to adjust background lighting and detects flaws like closed eyes and lense smudges to name a few. A dual 12 megapixel camera is more than enough we reckon to capture the beauty of your picturesque vacay or satisfy your selfie urges.

Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode seen at an angle with a portrait and the Flaw Detection interface onscreen, saying “Someone may have blinked.”


In addition to awesome pictures, the Note 9 comes in 2 sizes – 128 GB and 512 GB with expandable storage making the Samsung the first device to introduce a 1 terabyte ready handset. This device was designed to be the smartphone that never runs out of space – so if you’re constantly having to find space and get rid of those precious memories in your Galaxy and ‘could-be useful’ documents then this will solve all your storage capacity problems.


Note 9 sports an added speaker at the top for better bass performance, less distortion at higher volumes and access to Dolby Atmos tech – you know the company that’s responsible for taking our cinema experiences to a whole new level – yeah that one! It improves sound to make the listener feel like its coming from all around the room. Way to recreate the experiences we capture in our home videos!



Galaxy Note9 at angle, seen from the bottom, with a matching wallpaper onscreen

And how can we not mention that Super AMOLED display that is technically the best in the world on a smartphone and Bixby, your virtual assistant who you can boss around all day long – taking hands-free usage and your ego to a whole new level!
So that’s the Note 9 in a nutshell – versatility at its best. It’s for the businessmen/women, the creative kid, the mature gamer, the sophisticated grandma on-the-go, the impulse shopper, or simply the flashy teen – because if this ain’t flashy; we don’t know what is! This is Note 9 for YOU…

We will be sure to drop more awesome infoposts to keep you in the loop with all things crazy in the Smartphone orb. And we couldn’t resist not sharing that feel-good music with you before we sign off… You’re welcome 🙂