MyBroadband Feature: Snapcraze – Escape expensive contracts and save over R7,000 when buying a smartphone

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Here’s why a Snapcraze deal is the gift that keeps on giving…

Snapcraze is introducing South Africa to a new era of affordable smartphone shopping that allows you to escape the prison of lengthy contracts and inflated prices.

This is highlighted by their deals on popular smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max – where you can save over R7,000 when buying a new device.

What’s more, Snapcraze holds local stock of its smartphones and offers delivery to your door within 1-3 business days.

This delivery is free, comes with insurance, and includes the full manufacturer’s warranty with each smartphone.

Escape costly contracts

Snapcraze is able to offer great deals on smartphones thanks to it purchasing its devices directly at a wholesale business-to-business rate.

By buying a smartphone from Snapcraze, you avoid getting stuck in lengthy two-year or three-year contracts – which can cost almost double the normal price of your smartphone

For example: most contract deals for the Samsung S22 Ultra will cost around R35,000 over the course of a two-year contract, or over R38,000 on a three-year contract.

Snapcraze currently offers the Samsung S22 Ultra on promotion for just R19,499 once-off – with no strings attached.

Not only will you no longer have to worry about years of contract payments, Snapcraze will even provide you with a great replacement price that reduces your insurance excess if you lose your phone or if it is stolen.

Snaptrade – Golden formula for upgrading

Along with its amazing prices, Snapcraze offers a “Snaptrade” buyback option which allows you to upgrade your smartphone every year.

Celebrating its sixth year in eCommerce, Snapcraze has found that the best way to significantly reduce your smartphone costs and stay up to date with the latest devices is to upgrade annually.

This ensures you get the best trade-in value for “old” smartphone, and you therefore only need to top up with a small amount of cash each year to get the latest model.

Snapcraze also offers the lowest price difference of any retailer when you use their Snaptrade buyback option to make upgrading even easier.

To qualify for a Snaptrade deal, you need to have purchased your original device from Snapcraze – as the service is exclusive to Snapcraze clients.

Get your new smartphone

Snapcraze is a premium smartphone provider that brings the most competitive prices both to resellers and end-users.

It offers free shipping on all online orders and accepts all major payment options – including Payfast credit card, Ozow EFT, manual EFT, and a direct bank transfer.

Click here to view the Samsung Galaxy S22 range from Snapcraze.

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