Gather Round for our Pre-launch Apple Discush’


An Apple a day keeps the doctors at bay?

At Snapcraze we wanna keep you just excited and in-the-loop as we are about all things Smartphone so buckle up and surf the waves of delight as we bring you your daily dose of Apple updates in anticipations peak just hours before the official unveiling of Apple’s upcoming releases.

According to various reputable sources, it is safe to assume that Apple will be releasing 3 new Apple handsets, Apple Watch Series 4, Macbook Air, Mac Mini iPad Pro 2018 and the long-awaited Airpower charger that was officially announced almost a year ago! Way to keep leave us hanging, Apple!!! However; if the 3 handsets are as craze-ee as we expect all will be forgiven.

Since the offical announcement is mere hours away we’ve decided we can wait a few more hours to Gather ‘Round and revel at the additional releases but when it comes to handsets you know we have to get snappy and get the craze juices flowing! So here are a few ‘knows’ and ‘got-to-knows’ of the 3 upcoming Apple handsets!

The 3 handsets to be unveiled by Apple are expected to boast a enormously impressive 6.5 inch for you ‘size matters’ type o’ folks, a 6.1 inch and a 5.8 inch device for you ‘its performance that matters’ okes! See what we did there? Haha! On to the good stuff..

screen sizes


There have been no shortage of speculations when it comes to the name of these upcoming beauties however all the gos’ seems to gravitate toward
iPhone XS for the 6.5 and 5.8 inch models – how we will differentiate between the different sizes is still unclear. Some speculators have claimed that the biggest of the bunch could carry the name iPhone XS Max whilst ideas for the name of the 6.1 inch model could be anywhere along the lines of iPhone Xr and iPhone 9.

The colour variants for the existing Apple handsets were such a hit that Apple may just keep at it in Silver, Space Grey and Gold. The overall design of the XS and XS Max could retain the look of its iPhone X predecessor – because if it ain’t broke, why fix it! As for display – these guys would be crazy not to hop aboard the OLED charters. First featured on the iPhone X; this OLED display is awesome not only for its fancy name but for its superior colour accuracy and viewing angles. Whilst the iPhone Xr or iPhone 9 if you will; could sail aboard the Full Active LCD display and sport a less-pricey single rear camera sensor.

The 3 handsets will most certainly ship with Apple’s A12 processor – the first 7nm (nanometer) chip which can compare with Huawei’s soon-to-come Mate flagship. 4 GB RAM is expected on all 3 models and storage options may follow in the footsteps of its Apple predecessors at 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB configurations.



We’ve speculated much of the same awesome specs that we’re used to seeing from Apple so here’s some cutting edge, spanking new possible features that might make you see iPhone in a whole new light… We’re talking eSIM support – an electronic sim card built into the phone that makes the switch between network providers hassle-free and the fear of hackers non-existent as you will no longer need a physical SIM.
Intel Modems could be in the future for Apple handsets instead of Qualcomm
Power could come in the form of an L-shaped battery design for the XS Max and XS models which should reach heights of around 2900 mAh – 3000 mAh and 3300 mAh – 3400 mAh respectively; as well as 2800 mAh for the iPhone Xr/ iPhone 9.



Both the XS Max and XS is expected to feature dual camera modules on their rear-end… yes, I know what I just said – I feel no shame haha! And on the forefront both phones could feature TrueDepth cameras which could be used for Animojis and Memojies in iOS 12. The 6.1 inch iPhone Xr/ 9 should have a single camera on the back and just like its big brothers a TrueDepth camera on the front.

All this and more to be revealed on 12 September 2018 at 7:00 pm (SAST) in Cupertino at Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ event which can be live-streamed on

We’ll see you there!

Meet the new SUPER powerful Note

The terms ‘powerful, ‘cutting edge and ‘versatility have been used so excessively in the world of technology that they no longer portray their true essence.
Because of this we find ourselves eye rolling our way through advertisements and marketing pitches but let me tell you, these adjectives we believe are befitting of the Note 9 which was officially released on 22 August 2018.
Its so awesome that we’ve taken our time to put together a more comprehensive look into how powerful the latest flagship from Samsung truly is. Forget about those lengthy spec articles that make technology seem so detached from your reality, here is a practical account of the power that’s packed into this handheld beast!
You would’ve experienced the ad on TV by now if you’re living on planet earth – and we call it an experience because that tune in the background unleashes endorphins in your body like no other. You can’t help but sing along – I reckon Samsung made a stand-out ad that is as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, now that’s advertising!
Kudos to them!
Alright let’s get into it!


Performance, Performance, Performance… what is a device if not its performance!


The Galaxy Note 9 is the epitome of performance with its cutting edge Octa-core processor thats pushes boundaries and water carbon cooling that ensures that performance doesn’t come at a price – I’m talking gaming and media performance that doesn’t have to turn your phone into an over-heating buzzkill. And let’s talk battery – this device packs the biggest battery in the Smartphone world than any other. It’s marketed as an All-day battery for a reason. At 4000 mAh Samsung has been all the wiser with its 8 point safety check to  put consumers at ease with no possibility of the…ahem… Note 7 repeat. I know – we don’t wanna taco about it too!


Now we can’t talk about a Note without mention of that fun-filled S-pen!

  • Ocean Blue Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode seen from the left with yellow S Pen writing in yellow ink colour
I must say, the colour contrast of that bright yellow S-pen with that rich ocean blue exterior on the device itself is reminiscent of a ready-for-action sports car. But, thankfully – its not just a pretty face.
The S-pen now comes standard with Bluetooth technology that allows you to use it in the office to command presentations which means no more speed walking to get to your PC for the next slide and makes you look effortlessly cool too haha.

Additionally Note 9 has something called Dex which with a simple cable transforms your device into a PC – taking productivity to a whole new level.

Image of person changing presentation slides with S Pen

This bluetooth technology in the S-pen also enables users to take pictures remotely with just the click of the S-pen – no more tripping over things to get into the shot in 5 seconds!


With 2 lenses that adapt like the human eye the Note 9 will have you sitting pretty with its powerful AI that recognises scenes to adjust background lighting and detects flaws like closed eyes and lense smudges to name a few. A dual 12 megapixel camera is more than enough we reckon to capture the beauty of your picturesque vacay or satisfy your selfie urges.

Galaxy Note9 in landscape mode seen at an angle with a portrait and the Flaw Detection interface onscreen, saying “Someone may have blinked.”


In addition to awesome pictures, the Note 9 comes in 2 sizes – 128 GB and 512 GB with expandable storage making the Samsung the first device to introduce a 1 terabyte ready handset. This device was designed to be the smartphone that never runs out of space – so if you’re constantly having to find space and get rid of those precious memories in your Galaxy and ‘could-be useful’ documents then this will solve all your storage capacity problems.


Note 9 sports an added speaker at the top for better bass performance, less distortion at higher volumes and access to Dolby Atmos tech – you know the company that’s responsible for taking our cinema experiences to a whole new level – yeah that one! It improves sound to make the listener feel like its coming from all around the room. Way to recreate the experiences we capture in our home videos!



Galaxy Note9 at angle, seen from the bottom, with a matching wallpaper onscreen

And how can we not mention that Super AMOLED display that is technically the best in the world on a smartphone and Bixby, your virtual assistant who you can boss around all day long – taking hands-free usage and your ego to a whole new level!
So that’s the Note 9 in a nutshell – versatility at its best. It’s for the businessmen/women, the creative kid, the mature gamer, the sophisticated grandma on-the-go, the impulse shopper, or simply the flashy teen – because if this ain’t flashy; we don’t know what is! This is Note 9 for YOU…

We will be sure to drop more awesome infoposts to keep you in the loop with all things crazy in the Smartphone orb. And we couldn’t resist not sharing that feel-good music with you before we sign off… You’re welcome 🙂